The Feminist Findings Zine

The Feminist Findings Zine

The Feminist Findings Zine
A Risograph, staple-bound publication uncovering multifold histories of feminist publishing.

Feminist Findings by the Liberation in Print collective is a zine filled with stories on the labor, loves, networks, hierarchies, friendships, fall-outs, struggles, victories, economics, designs, and daily lives of womxn in the past working out what it might mean to organize a feminist praxis. Especially from the late 1960s onwards, publishing became a crucial means for womxn to build community and inspire social change. Feminist Findings chronicles these means and methods, seeking to garner what we can learn today from the movements that came before us.

The collected stories are the results of a workshop initiated by le Signe, the National Center for Graphics in Chaumont, France in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and led by the Futuress team. Feminist Finding’s authors met remotely every Wednesday during the early months of social distancing to share and discuss individual research findings; and quickly, the global group of multidisciplinary strangers—which included artists, graphic designers, writers, educators, type designers, publishers, social anthropologists, students, and more—became a tightly-knit research unit. In recent years, through the efforts of many archivist-activists, more and more feminist periodicals are digitized and available online; with libraries and universities shut, the L.i.P. Collective sought to resurface the unknown histories embedded in these online archives, and make them known to a wider readership.

Each L.i.P. member designed their contribution themselves, representing the plurality of perspectives of the L.i.P. research community. Each contribution has been set with different typefaces by womxn or POC type designers and printed in varied colors, further emphasizing the different voices contained in the pages—and how with difference comes strength.

Currently, Femininst Findings is sold out, but a second print run is planned for the future. And readers can dive though its multifaceted stories online under our Feminist Findings vertical.

Selected Press:

“One of the most in-depth and eye opening publications on feminist publishing we’ve seen”—It’s Nice That

“The different starting points and personal tales of research are compelling”—magCulture

“The diverse stories collected in the zine leap across cultures, continents, and decades”—AIGA’s Eye on Design

“In a lovely way, Feminist Findings is itself an act of devotion”—Stack Magazines

“As you might expect with the formidable team behind it, Feminist Findings is beautifully designed”—Elephant


The L.i.P. Collective is Zenobia Ahmed, Yanchi Huang, Sophia Yuet See, Silva Baum, Phoebe Eustance, Pauline Piguet, Noemi Parisi, Nina Paim, Naïma Ben Ayed, Mujgan Abdulzade, Mio Kojima, Maya Ober, Mariachiara De Leo, Madeleine Morley, Loraine Furter, Klaudia Mazur, Floriane Misslin, Fanny Maurel, Eugénie Zuccarelli, Elham Namvar, Delphine Bedel, Corin Gisel, Clara Amante, Carolyn Kerchof, Barbora Demovičová, and Amy Gowen.