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#Let’s Talk

8M Special: Let’s Talk About Activist Practices No. 1

Mar 8, 2024 | 12 pm CET | InfoSpace Basel, Switzerland | group conversation | co-hosted with Brand-New-Life

8M Special: Let’s Talk About Activist Practices No. 1

This open group conversation discusses politics and modes of social engagement and practicing more just worlds.

Activism can encompass a variety of expressions—from large-scale demonstrations and boycotts to education, community engagement, and everyday practices of caring. But regardless of the practice and context, the work toward social change often encounters obstacles in the form of the very structures it seeks to counter and envision differently. Financial security, health, childcare support, and other means enable the more privileged to have greater access, time, and other resources to engage in social action—meanwhile, those fighting for their day-to-day survival may be less present and less able to contribute. Simultaneously, those who have such privileges and use them to create a better world for all, often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and quickly burning out.

In this conversation, we’ll ask:

💬 How can activism become more inclusive?
💬 How can we practice social change within our professions and everyday lives
💬 What forms of building better worlds are there that are often overlooked?

As a special event for International Feminist Day, this session will especially—but not exclusively—give space to discuss feminist activism.

This event is co-hosted with Brand-New-Life, an online magazine transversing visual art, art criticism, and practice-oriented research to focus on the complexities and ambivalences of worlds in transition.  

“Let’s Talk” is an open conversation format to exchange working methods, research topics, and issues related to working in the fields of arts and design, culture, and education. It aims to connect across disciplines, support one another in professional struggles, and inspire to learn from each other’s questions, doubts, concerns, and victories.

Event Information

This event will not be recorded.

Language: English and/or German

Address: InfoSpace, Auf dem Wolf 11, 4052 Basel, SwitzerlandPlease ring the bell to enter the building.

Accessibility: Located on the first floor, InfoSpace is wheelchair-accessible and can be reached via the lift from the ground floor. On the first floor are two wheelchair-accessible toilets.


This event is possible thanks to a generous grant from the culture department of the Kanton Basel-Stadt.