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#Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk About Institutional Life No. 1

Sep 2, 2023 | 4 pm CEST | kHaus Basel | group conversation

Let’s Talk About Institutional Life No. 1

This open group conversation discusses structural discrimination and systemic violence in cultural institutions.

In recent years, cultural institutions such as museums and art schools have been increasingly promoting “diversity” and “decolonization” through employing diversity workers, changing curricula, and seemingly giving more visibility to diverse perspectives. However, institutional structures remain predominantly white, able-bodied, heteronormative, male, and cis-gendered. As a result, these measures perpetuate and solidify colonial power structures, allowing tokenism and exclusion to persist, and othering non-hegemonic perspectives. Those fighting institutionalized discrimination within its structures frequently face systemic violence, further increasing their emotional toll and precarious working conditions.

💬 How can we address cultural appropriation, discrimination, and tokenism in cultural institutions?
💬 What practices can we develop to foster change from within?
💬 What alternatives can we create to institutional structures?

“Let’s Talk” is an open conversation format to exchange working methods, research topics, and issues related to working in the fields of arts and design, culture, and education. It aims to connect across disciplines, support one another in professional struggles, and inspire to learn from each other’s questions, doubts, concerns, and victories.

The title of this event is an homage to Sara Ahmed, whose ideas have been and continue to be extremely influential to Futuress. In killjoy solidarity, we stand!

This event will not be recorded
Language: English
Address: Atelier of kHaus, Kasernenstrasse 8, 4058 Basel, Switzerland


• There are disabled parking spaces at three locations near the kHaus: at the corner of Klingentalgraben/Klybeckstrasse, in Kasernenstrasse, and in the Rappoltshof.

• All rooms in the kHaus are wheelchair-accessible. On the side of the Kasernenhof, there is a ramp to the left of the main entrance. The entrance on the Rhine side is at ground level. There is a lift in each of the two towers, and also in the central part of the building.

• In the kHaus, there are accessible public sanitary facilities located in the basement (Rhine side) and on the second floor.


This event is possible thanks to a generous grant from the culture department of the Kanton Basel-Stadt.