Deforestation as Epistemicide
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Deforestation as Epistemicide

Deforestation as Epistemicide
April 23, 2021 | 5 pm CEST | with Franca López Barbera, designer, researcher and curator

When a tree is cut down, what is actually being destroyed? Which kind of knowledge surfaces with regards to Nature and how to relate to it? Departing from and following the environmental destruction of the Gran Chaco region of Argentina, this presentation will explore how the dispossession of land goes hand in hand with the systematic destruction of forms of knowledge other than the Eurocentric thought. Deforestation produces a double destruction: the material destruction of nature understood as a resource and an onto-epistemic destruction of nature as a collective subject. The result is the destruction of the whole sphere of existence, which includes the sphere of knowledge, of those colonised for whom Nature is, simply put, life.

Franca López Barbera is an Argentinian designer, researcher, and curator based in Berlin. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design and a Master of Science in Design Research. Her work explores the intersection between nature, coloniality, gender, and ethics. Her current research builds on the introduction of consent in design-nature relationalities against extractive regimes. Prior to this, Franca has straddled several professions, working with various design practices, art studios, non-profits, and academic institutions. She is currently curating the Argentinian pavilion for the 2021 London design Biennale.

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