Interdependence as a Political Technology
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Interdependence as a Political Technology

Interdependence as a Political Technology
November 05 | 3 pm CEST | with Aimi Hamraie, designer and disability researcher

This talk examines the disability justice concept of “interdependence” as inherently technological—a tool for facilitating connection and building new material arrangements. Design for disability often emphasizes independence as the ultimate goal, but more recently, disabled designers and artists have turned to “interdependence” as a framework for understanding better political relations. Using the example of remote, digital forms of accessibility during the COVID-19 pandemic, this talk will show how disabled user-makers have used interdependence to form social relationships and provide mutual aid.

Aimi Hamraie is a disabled, nonbinary Iranian/SWANA designer and researcher. They are the author of Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics of Disability (2017), Director of the Critical Design Lab, and host of the Contra* podcast. Their work focuses on the intersections of disability, race, gender, and design.

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Interdependence as a Political Technology
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